When I was traveling through Asia 2 years ago, there were some countries which I was pretty excited about visiting such as Thailand and some which I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I love nothing more than being surprised on the road and when I hit the small country of Laos, that is exactly what happened.

Laos sits sandwiched in between Thailand, China, Vietnam and Myanmar, it has been occupied by France in the past and its close proximity with other Asian countries has seen it adopt much of their cultural influence. I absolutely fell in love with Laos after visiting and here is why.

The Temples

You can find Buddhist temples throughout Asia, many of them in fact, but there is something about the temples in Laos that I loved more than in other countries. Without doubt the most impressive of these temples or Wats, is the Pha That Luang, a stunning piece of architecture with golden rings and spires and beautifully designed terrace steps.


Not every exciting attraction in Laos is situated above ground in if you go exploring underneath, you will find some outstanding and expansive cave networks. Just north of Luang Prabang you will find the caves of Pak Ou, these caves not only feature the natural wonder of intricate stalactites and stalagmites, but also a vast collection of Buddha statues which have been carved into the rocks. So large is the network that it can hold anywhere up to 23,000 visitors at one time.

Mekong River

Laos’ major highway and source of life for many years is the huge Mekong River, the largest river in South East Asia and a wonderful sight for anyone who visits. I love nothing more than taking a riverboat tour down this huge river and watching the small villages which call the river banks home.


There is something really unique about the attractions which you’ll find in Laos and just heading out and exploring will always offer something pretty special. Once you get lost in nature here in Laos, you could find just about anything and whether it is hidden waterways which you can discover in a kayak, ancient walkways without a sign of life or the fascinating and truly bizarre Plain of Jars. The Plain of Jars is actually one of my favorite spots in Laso and  here you will find thousands of stone jars between 1 and 3 meters tall which have baffled archaeologists and historians for years.

The People

Finally, the biggest reason why I fell in love with this country was because of the kindness and the warmth of the people who call it home. I have experienced a great welcome throughout Asia but the people of Laos really went one better and I can’t tell you the amount of situations which have been made much better because of their generosity and kindness. Every time I leave Laos it is the people who I miss the most and they most definitely make a stay here worthwhile.