One of the most popular places on Earth for backpackers is Asia and it has become something of a rite of passage for people who are just hitting the road for the first time. Asia offers huge variety, excellent travel infrastructure and some of the coolest and friendliest people on Earth. If you are planning on traveling through Asia then, it is vital that you get your backpack selection just right as you will want something which is durable, lightweight and most importantly, for us girls at least, spacious.

I have been through my fair share of backpacks over the years and if you are looking for the best for your Asia trip, here are the ones which I would recommend that you buy.

Osprey Farpoint

This backpack is super popular amongst travelers and once you have used it you will quickly understand why. The pack comes in 40,55 and 70 liter versions and it is really a Jack of trades when it comes to backpacks. Primarily this is a hiking backpack but it has many features which make it so alluring to travelers. Both the 55 and the 70 liter pack have removable day packs, perfect for backpackers and there is a huge amount of belts, buckles and pockets which can be used to store and hang your stuff. This backpack is super comfortable and even after carrying it for a long time, it is still super comfortable.

REI Vagabond Tour

If you aren’t going traveling for too long then this 40 liter backpack would be a great choice for you. This is a perfect choice for anyone traveling on a  budget yet despite its low price, the backpack ticks all of the boxes. The pack only weighs 2.5 lbs making it the perfect, light pack that many of us are after, the straps offer sufficient padding and the pack is designed in a  really streamlined way to ensure that you can fill it up without adding to much pressure on your shoulders. You can pick this bag up for around $120, a great price and more than worth the money.

Tortuga Outbreaker

This backpack was actually designed by a group of traveler friends rather than by a big company and as such they have made sure that it is really aimed towards backpackers. This is the perfect backpack for urban travel and it is light, sturdy, durable and offers lots of cool design features which travelers will love. The bag comes in 35 and 45 liter sizes and the smaller bag can actually be taken on the plane as carry-on which means no more waiting around or an eternity once you’ve landed. The backpacks cost $225 and $250 respectively and their long-lasting nature means that in reality, this is a great price to pay for the pack. I love the suspension systemon this pack and even after many hours of carrying it, I have never felt uncomfortable or under undue stress from the weight. A great pack for anyone looking to do some urban traveling.



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