Throughout my years on the road, I have always endeavored to stay as safe as I could and avoided going to high risk areas. It is worth noting that no area is truly ‘safe’ you only need to look at terrorist attacks in London and Paris, earthquakes in Mexico and hurricanes in Florida to realize that even safe places often aren’t so secure. With this being said, you can avoid those places which are potentially dangerous as well as looking after yourself at all times. In my view as a solo female traveler, the safest continent which I’ve been to was Asia, very friendly, low crime rates against tourists and a general feeling of security. If you are traveling to Asia and looking to stay safe, here are my top 4 safest countries.



Despite being famous around the world just for a foolish buffoon names Borat, I actually really enjoyed Kazakstan and felt incredibly secure there. The Central Asian country is actually the 9th largest country in the world although you really wouldn’t know it when you are there. Safety levels here are super high and the amount of rapes, assaults and attacks are some of the lowest in the world. A recent survey of 10,000 people found that 50% of those felt safe at night and just 10% experienced theft.


I actually lived in Vietnam for a short while and can genuinely say that I have never felt safer. Vietnam actually has a global safety ranking of 12th in the world, not bad out of 192! From the same survey which was carried out by the Global Safety Administration, 82% of citizens asked said that they felt safe enough to wander about at night and the rape crime levels per 100,000 citizens was just over 1% making it one of the lowest in the world.


Japan is not only one of the most beautiful countries that I have ever visited, it is also one of the safest and has a Global Safety Rank of 11th in the world. I literally never felt threatened walking in any area of Japan and my understanding is that the majority of crime which takes place here is either between rival gangs, or crimes of a non-violent nature such as trafficking or smuggling.


I had heard about Singapore’s safety levels long before I headed to the Asian nation for a few days last year and everything I read about felt true. I asked around at all hours of the day in Singapore and felt no fear whatsoever, and the figures back this up. From the research which was carried out, just 0.1% of people fell victim to a crime, one of the lowest numbers in Asia.

If you are heading to Asia then I would still take the normal precautions that you would take if you were traveling anywhere in the world, especially if you are traveling alone. I have always found it best to live a certain way and regardless of how safe or dangerous a country may be, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are doing all that you can to be safe.

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