My Granny always said that a minute before 9am is worth 2 afterwards and I have always tried to live by this ethos. The problem however, with getting up early and ensure that you are highly effective, is to wake up in the right way and have some energy from the get-go. Many people that I know however, have a great deal of difficulty in feeling energetic when they wake up but the good news is that there are some steps which can be taken, to make sure that you have all the energy that you need to kickstart your day. Let’s take a look at some of the things which you can do to kickstart your day in style.

Grab a Cup of Joe

One of the first things that I do every morning is to get the French press on the go and make a pot of fresh coffee. I love to grind the beans and then use the French press coffee maker as it not only makes the best tasting coffee, but also gives you an activity to do when you first wake up, which helps your brain to get alert.


Two quick tips when it comes to water for you, the first is to make sure that you drink a glass of water before going to bed, this will ensure that you need the bathroom when you wake up, which gives you no option but to get up and go. Secondly, it is a very good idea to drink a glass of water when you first wake up, to get your bodily functions up and running.


Our bodies and brains react to sunlight as an indication that it is time to get moving and if you can open windows or blinds to allow the sunlight to come in first thing in the morning, you can count on waking up with more energy.


The biggest causes of a lack of energy first thing in the morning comes from waking up at different times which causes the brain to be confused about when it should wake up. If you can get into the habit of waking up at the same time every day, you can teach your brain to be alert when you need it the most. Make sure that you are also trying to sleep at  the same time each day as well so that your body will know when to begin shutting down.


A bit of light exercise is a great way to feel energetic for the day ahead and whilst it may be tough, it is definitely worth doing. At the very least you should be looking to do some long stretching movements to open up your muscles. Exercise is not only good for the body, it also releases feel good chemicals in the brain which will help you to stay sharp and alert  throughout the day.

If you want to wake up with energy, employ these tips for a week or two and you will see a huge difference.