Throughout my years on the road I have always came back to Thailand and I would most definitely consider the south east Asian country as one of my favorite on the planet. There is so much to enjoy about this country and it is that which attracts so many tourists each and every year who come from all over the world to see what Thailand has on offer. Whether it is honeymooners, backpackers or sun-seekers, Thailand attracts them all and if you are planning on spending a month here, these are the places that you cannot afford to miss.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has become something of a rite of passage for backpackers and holiday makers when it comes to experiencing Thailand and after just a couple of days here you will see exactly why. Not only is this a really cheap place for you to start your month, you will also be treated to some of Thailand’s finest natural settings. There is a perfect blend of Thailand’s cultural and religious history, natural splendor and modern way of life to be found in Chiang Mai. During your time here you simply must visit the Elephant reserve and take a ride, head into the mountains on a nature tour and enjoy some of the beautiful street food which is on offer.

Ko Samui

I really love the variety of Thailand and from the cool and trendy Chiang Mai you can see a different side to the country in the paradise-like Ko Samui. This is an island which sits just off the east coast of the country and offers soft sandy beaches, azure blue waters and plenty of action on an evening. If you are looking to spend some time and the beach by day and party by night, Ko Samui is the place for you.

Chiang Rai

Close to the borders with Laos and Myanmar is the city of Chiang Rai, a really cool place to visit during your time in the north of the country. The city is pretty small but it really packs a punch and some of the historical monuments here are well worth a visit. The backdrop to these famous temples and statues is a rugged and mountainous region which offers some stunning photo opportunities.


What visit to Thailand would be complete without hitting the capital Bangkok, a vibrant and modern city which has just about everything that any tourist could ask for. Attractions include the floating markets in Damnoen Saduak, the incredible UNESCO World Heritage site of Ayutthaya Historical Park which is around an hour outside of the city and the Grand Palace of Bangkok, a truly impressive sight. Whether you are looking to experience the Thai culture, Thai cuisine or some of the most incredible attractions which Thailand has to offer, you can do so right here from Bangkok and you should expect to spend at least a week of your stay in the capital.

Infrastructure in Thailand is really geared up for travelers and you can easily criss-cross the country to see all of the fascinating sides which it has to offer.