Heeeeeere’s Belyn! So if you didn’t guess already, I’m Belyn, and I’m a lil bit of a travel addict. Some people are foodies, some live for their family, some for politics, and good on each and every single one of you people. Me? I live for travel.

I’m from the North of England, up there where it’s cold, grim but oh so friendly. Where a cup of tea fixes every problem, and your neighbour is as close as your sibling. I miss it sometimes, but a life of adventure awaits me.

I was an expat before, working in an HR department of a large multi-national. Based in Singapore I managed to visit 20 countries across Asia, then I was transferred to Toronto, Canada and used my 3 years there to visit Central America and the Caribbean, now though I’m free. Quit, money saved and the world is my oyster. So all together now go Belyn, go go go!


B x


EMAIL: belyn@gobelyn.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Go-Belyn-273597316473513/