Us girls need to stick together and so I wanted to share a few tips with all the ladies out there about essential things which you need to take with you when you go traveling. Unfortunately for the women, traveling alone is something which does bring additional danger and even traveling in groups is not always safe. Not only must we ensure that we stay safe, we must also ensure that we have everything that we need when we go traveling and here are my top 5 things which every girl should take with them when they hit the road.

Rape Alarm

As much as it pains me to say so, many female travelers do run into difficulty when it comes to muggings and rapes and it makes sense for you to plan for the unexpected. The best thing to take with you for your protection is a rape alarm, you can pick them up pretty much anywhere and they are usually a small size, perfect for your suitcase or backpack. Naturally you’ll hope that you never need it but should anyone try to attack you, they’ll get quite a shock when they hear the shrill alarm.

Dry Shampoo

Taking liquids with you when you go abroad is not always easy, first there is airport regulations to consider and that is before we think bout something leaking in your case. In order to be best prepared then, make sure that you take some dry shampoo with you. This comes in powder form and it will give you hair a quick freshen up so that you don’t look so travel weary.


One of the most important items of clothing which I have in my backpack is a large shawl and the reason for this is the multipurpose properties which it has. I use my shawl to keep warm, to keep sand out of my face, to cover up my hair for cultural reasons and of course, as a fashion accessory for many different outfits.

Mobile Internet

Traveling as a female on my own, I always want to make sure that I’m connected to the net so that I can assure my family and friends that I am safe and also so that I always know where I am going. Unfortunately, internet can often not be found easily in remote locations and so I like to take a mobile internet device with me. These pieces of kit use mobile data to give your phone, tablet or laptop access to the internet and they can be a real Godsend.


The importance of quality sleep can not be overlooked and this is not always easy when there is noise going on around you. In order to counteract this then, the best way to do it is with some earplugs. I have used mine on busses, in airports, in planes and even in hotels with noisy surroundings. These are super small so you can take them everywhere and they completely shut out noise so that you can get your beauty sleep.

What are your essential items when traveling? Let us know in the comments below.


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